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I am an Intuitive and Mindset Coach. I support people in healing focused businesses to expand with confidence + self-love,  I teach them to look within for the answers they desire + develop their own unique spiritual practice.  


Hello Lovely! I am so happy you’re here!

 While you are here, I want you to feel soaked in love; held; supported; inspired; connected; soothed; and most of all listened to ♡

My story:

I, from a young age as a child, used to use creative visualisation to make my physical world. I have always believed that what you create in your head (imagination) can become reality, real in the physical sense. Things always seemed to fall into place for me when I was younger and a teenager. And then I think as I started going to University and growing up I lost a bit of my connection with my deeper self (my intuition) and started making decisions based on what my head told me. I started worrying about what others thought and how my decisions affect others, then I often made my life decisions to please others…I wasn’t listening to my heart.


I began writing to help myself heal and this was the beginning of my self-growth, my development of self-care and self-love and my ability to let go of emotional attachments and hurt from my past! Whoa!! That’s a pretty big (HUGE!) deal right?!

And, I found my farmer, my soul person, and he had two children that were very close in age to my two..so I was often asked when out and about, “How old are your twins?” Our kids grew up together like twins! And we live on a beautiful farm, I have so much freedom to be creative, write, and help others. I am so very grateful for what I have learned along the way. 

So, my creative visualisation worked, it was just delayed as I got side-tracked!

The key here is to trust.

I didn’t always have full trust of my vision for my life but, when the chips were down and I had nowhere to go I was forced to trust and rely on myself, I had no one else to lean on. And this was truly a gift as it has been all part of my wonderful journey to get to know myself on a deeper level (something I have been doing all my life but intentionally these last 6-7 years). It is from knowing myself that I can look within to find strength and courage, wisdom and faith in the process of life as it unfolds for me. I don’t always know what’s coming up or how my path will unwind but what I do know is that I trust in this process and I surrender to the unknown while at the same time keeping my vision alive for what I want in my life. It’s a magic combination!


How did I get from there to here? 

Through this learning came about a deep desire to help others going through the same thing. I have always been a giving and compassionate person, always willing to help others. In my work as a nurse and a teacher over the years I have seen many people that are disconnected from their inner selves and this leads to them developing physical illness and/or making decisions that don’t feel good to them, leading them to feel unhappy & unfulfilled in all areas of their life. I wanted to find a way to work with people intimately, so that I could teach them the practical ways to connect to their own within, and so that I could guide them along setting heart centred soul goals as they move forward. I discovered life coaching and realised that this was the best way to influence, teach and support others through setting their soul goals and connecting to their intuitive selves.  

So, I began my studies with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and never looked back! I have started my own business and absolutely love getting to connect daily with people from all over the world and I love supporting them in their life and businesses, it’s the best job in the world!



Soul shares (from my soul to yours)

♡My husband and children mean everything to me!

♡I am an amateur triathlete

♡I love the beach and the feel of the salt water on my skin & in my hair…if I’ve been to the beach I don’t wash my hair for ages after!

♡I am extremely curious about people, everywhere I go I usually strike up a conversation and make a new friend! I love learning about people’s lives.

♡I love Instagram! It’s such a beautiful way to connect with like-minded souls! You’ll find me there most days x

♡I adore music, it is always in the background wherever I am. I love that it is a common thread between my children, & my husband and I. We are all always listening to music together, and singing.


Ready to take the leap, trust in yourself + listen to your intuition
You can book your free consult by emailing me here: (info (at) samanthajwheatley (dot) com)
+ let’s have a chat about all the ways we can work together.






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