5 tools for daily success

Today I am going to share 5 tools that allow me to live each day and feel successful.

How do you define success?

Is it getting top marks in your exams? Getting a high earning job? Marrying a ‘successful’ partner? Having material things such as a nice house & car?

Think about what success means to you.

To me success is a feeling. It comes from practicing the five tools I mention below. I know I’ve had a successful day when I feel happy and peaceful. I know I’m living a successful life when my relationships (especially the one I have with myself) are fulfilling and meaningful, the space around me feels peaceful, and I feel deeply connected to my inner wisdom as I am guided through life.

What does success feel like to you? Take a few moments to think about this. Even write it down.

What do you need each day to feel happy/peaceful/purposeful?

Write a list of what you need each day for you to feel happy, peaceful and purposeful in your life.

Below are the tools I use to create happiness, peacefulness and purposefulness in my life:

One: mindfulness

By being aware of what you are doing NOW you are being mindful. You can practice this by being present in your body; in the moment &  in conversations with others. By allowing presence in we can experience life. If we are thinking back to a time before now, or thinking forward to what’s coming next,  we are missing the beauty that is the present moment.

Being present in my body: Listening to my body’s signals that tell me when to slow down or get moving. In the past I have gone years and not noticed pain in my shoulders and back! This sounds so silly but it’s because I wasn’t being aware or present in my body. I was ignoring the pain and therefore feeling disconnected & unfulfilled.

Being present in the moment: Each moment is a blessing and one that we cannot repeat, once it is gone it is gone forever. If we are keeping our minds in the past or the future, we are missing out on this blessing. Think about this, what is the point of keeping our minds stuck in the past? Or is there a point to projecting our minds towards the future? If we are missing this moment, now, we cannot move forward into the future. There really is no past or future there is only right now.  It feels good to be in this moment as your energy is here and now, not some place else. If you are fully engaged in this moment, you are engaged in life!

In conversations with others: For example, think about how you are during a conversation with a friend…When your friend is talking are you listening actively with curiosity? Or are you wondering if your hair looks nice, or thinking about what you are going to say in response? When you are being mindful in conversation you are present with the other person and can give so much more, as well as receive so much more from the experience. If your mind is elsewhere, you are missing out.

Two: moving my body

I learned the importance of moving my body from the beautiful Tony Robbins. For me this means daily walking whilst I listen to my favourite podcasts. It also means pushing myself to get out and train for the triathlon I’ve committed to racing in November!! (Eek!!)

It also means singing, either alone or with my children (& at the top of my lungs especially when no one is home). And dancing (like no one is watching of course:)!

The act of moving your body gets your energy flowing and can change your mood quite quickly from down to up. For me it’s about lifting my spirits and taking me to a different state other than stagnant (which I can easily become if my mood is low).

Three: meditation

Being still is vital for my inner peace. If I practice being still I can cultivate a strong connection between me and my Self (by Self I mean my inner wisdom/intuition/inner knowing – I tend to use these words interchangeably). I sometimes use guided meditation but mostly it’s just me sitting quietly and listening to & being aware of my breath. When I practice this often and regularly, I get a real sense of deep connection as mentioned, but when I let it slip because I’ve been too busy to take the time for myself, I really notice the disconnection and this can often lead to feelings of loneliness.

Four: journaling

Intuitive writing is asking my inner wisdom for guidance and it always comes. Ask a question at the top of a blank page and then free write (without editing or thinking too much) until you feel you are done. I guarantee the answer will either be in the writing or it will come in the form of a feeling or ‘a ha’ moment over the next few days.

Five: tuning-in

Through practicing meditation/stillness and mindfulness I can really tune in to my body/mind/soul and know what it needs and wants in order to feel joy. I am getting to know myself better through the above mentioned practices and this allows me to tune in and ask “What do I need today?” I am getting better at this as I go along. This takes time and practice but it is so worth the effort.

Now what?

Design your own tools based on your needs…How do you know your needs? Get to know yourself better and tune in. When you are tuned in you are flowing with ease and you feel successful as you are living your life, opportunities come easily, relationships are fulfilling, you feel comfortable in your body, you feel loved and valued. All this is possible when you are connected to your inner wisdom, your Self. The tools that I use each day are pathways to this inner knowing and inner peace and they support me in my endeavour to feel joy and peace each day (which I believe, & according to Buddha, is the purpose of life).

Do you have some practices that you’d like to share with us? Please leave a comment below and tell me what success means to you, and what tools do you use to achieve a feeling of success?

I would love to hear from you,

Sam x



About sam wheatley

I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

2 thoughts on “5 tools for daily success

  1. What a beautiful post Sam and just the prompt I needed to look at again – what does success mean to me?

    For me, success is a feeling of happiness and joy at a day well lived. I would throw flow and trust into the mix for myself as well. Fairly similar to what you have so wonderfully written. For myself, all of the above points are also absolutely vital to a good day, and I would add in one more. Create! This takes on many forms for me, most often through photography or writing. By stepping into that creative zone, I often hear myself better.

    Thank you for being an inspiration Sam xxx

    1. Oh I love your definition of success, ‘A feeling of happiness and joy at a day well lived’! And yes, flow and trust are so vital. Yes, to create is such a beautiful addition, thank you Delicia. I also create in the same ways as you, with writing and photography, and this definitely opens the door to hearing ourselves better. Thank you for your wisdom beautiful lady x

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