How I called deeper female connection


Deeper connection
This year I felt that I wanted more and deeper female connection in my life…And I find myself reflecting on my year and realising that I have done just that!


I’ve written about connection before and how I crave it in my life, but I also love being alone too. It’s a funny old paradox isn’t it? At the moment I have my husband at home each day as he was made redundant nearly 2 months ago. Today is the first day I’ve had to myself in quite a few weeks. I generally have lots of time alone and so I had thought that this time with my hubby would be quite challenging but, it’s been such a blessing for both of us! I am grateful for a day to myself today as I have lots to do and I do love the quiet, but I know I’ll be glad to see him and my children when they get home later.

When I am home on my own I tend to really listen and be aware of the sounds around me, the way the breeze makes the trees sway and I’m aware of my dogs and cat as they love to be beside me…so consequently I have the door wide open so we can all be together. As I type away I have one dog at my feet!


So, connection…as I have said I really love being on my own as this gives me the time and space to cultivate peace within. But, if I spend too much time alone I find that it can be difficult to go out when I need to, and it can be a real effort to interact wiht people.


With this in mind, I decided that it was time to push through some discomfort and open myself up to creating more connection, and deeper connections with other women in my life. It was what my soul was telling me I needed, so I listened. Some women were already in my life and some I have met this year through my efforts.

With conscious effort I have created….


Friendships revived

Through nurturing and awareness I have put more time into my existing friendships and have felt that these have blossomed, where they could have gone stale had I let go. I am so grateful for these connections!


I have taken on the role as Chair of my local Business Womens Network and have met so many amazing new women! I have 3 new gorgeous new friends that make up the core and we work together to create an event each month with a guest speaker for our members. We have over 70 members! This is a role that has greatly pushed me way out of my comfort zone! I am doing lots of public speaking and meeting many new people as I go. And event organising can be added to my resume! That’s the thing about moving out of your comfort zone, you learn so much on the way, and you gain so much!!


Deciding to start sharing doTERRA’s essential oils was scary for me as it meant I was having to talk to many more people than I was comfortable with. Again, it has helped me to grow personally expand my knowledge and skills. Making the leap form sharer to business builder seemed so natural to me! I have entered into a gorgeous team of mainly women who are so supportive, loving and are always lifting each other higher! I cannot tell you just how at home I feel amongst these people! We have a shared vision and that is to teach people the value of having doTERRA in their lives and homes. Using essential oils is so beautiful for myself and my family and so I want to everyone I care about to know just how much they can change a life!


So, not only have I made hundreds of new connections this year through my conscious effort and decisions, I have also found a passion through doTERRA that I’ve not had before.


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Once you find your passion and purpose, you’ll know!!


Have you found yours? What is it? How did you find it? Comment below and tell us.


Sam 💛



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I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

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