Change your thinking and start manifesting today with 4 simple steps!

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You know the old saying “You are what you eat”? Well, I have a new one for you, “You are what you think”.

Your thoughts create your world. When you have a thought, it turns into an action and therefore becomes your reality. Manifesting at it’s finest!

Have you heard the term “Like attracts like”? It means that what you put out there into the world in terms of thoughts, you attract back towards you. If you follow Abraham Hicks then you will be familiar with “The law of attraction” which is the same thing as I mentioned above: what you think about is attracted into your life.

Your thoughts are powerful!

You have great power to manifest!

I have long believed in the power of my thoughts to create my reality and have always used creative visualisation as a tool (even before I knew what it was). I used to use my imagination and create what I wanted for myself in my head, and then in time these thoughts became exactly my reality. I still use this and it always works!

So, when you have something you want to achieve you can set goals and create vision boards with pictures that represent your dreams.

Today I want  to talk about how sometimes, you need to change your thinking to adapt and grow. Recently I have had a challenging time where someone close to me has made a few decisions that I totally disagreed with. For me, this brought up feelings of anger, hurt, and loss of control. I felt that I had a duty to advise this person of their big mistake. I spent nearly 4 weeks tightly wound up, constantly analysing the situation and leaking lots of my energy. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around.

I want to tell you how I turned this all around and show you that you are also capable of doing the same. In 4 steps I managed to change how I saw the situation and so my thinking changed to allow me to let go of the whole situation (ahh relief!!)

Click on the picture below to see and hear me explain the 4 steps:


4 steps to changing your thinking and to be able to work through a big change that is out of your control (phew! big title!)

Step 1:  Recognise the need for something different. You know you need to change the way you are seeing the situation. Step back and see this need.

Step 2: Keep the emotion out of interactions. Don’t get into discussions with the person. When you are angry you can’t be listened to or heard. Step back until you can talk without the emotion getting in the way.

Step 3: Recognise that this situation is beyond your control. Be aware that you need to start to let it go.

Step 4: Let it go. Let it be. Once you do this you will create space and energy for others things in your life.

Once you let go of the need to control a situation that is out of your control, you will make room in your life to be productive and this then will enable you to start manifesting your dreams and desires!

How do you get through a difficult situation? Have you tried changing your thinking? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below as I always love chatting with you, Sam x




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