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Hey there Lovely! Today’s post is about communicating with your body and self acceptance. I hope, as you read this, that you are sitting down with a nice hot cup of a beverage of your choice, and that you take in a nice big deep breath before you read any further 🙂 (I’ve been practicing taking big lovely gulps that fill my body all the way down to the bottom of my belly and it feels really good)

In my last blog post I talked about Resistance and how it’s been showing up for me in my life. I told you that I would  tell you why and how I noticed what my body was trying to communicate to me, so this post is all about the signs that my body has been giving me and why it needed to communicate with me.

I have been on a journey these last couple of years that has lead me to starting a blog (this one) and becoming a life coach. This journey has shown me parts of myself that I hadn’t really looked closely at before now. I have always tried to look away from my ‘not so appealing side’, tried to ignore it or pretend it wasn’t there. But you know, I have come to realise that if I am to love myself unconditionally then I need to love all the parts of me, not just the good bits.

I have noticed that when I only look at the good bits then the dark parts of me tend to come out anyway because they need to be acknowledged too, they’re part of me!

When I talk about my dark side I mean things such as:

  • over-eating (especially sugary foods) when I am feeling bored or down
  • making excuses as to why I can’t do this or that
  • too much reflection (or over-thinking) and not much action
  •  not acting out of love
  • feeling needy towards others due to not prioritising my self-care
  • feeling sorry for myself

These are a few of the things that can surface for me and lately, as I mentioned in my last post, I had been ignoring them. So, what happens when you ignore the signs that your body is giving you? Your body speaks louder! Over the last few months I had been feeling very low in energy but I didn’t really want to listen to my body as that would mean looking at what was wrong and then working towards making it better. This, my friend, is the resistance coming up. I was resisting change and in that I was resisting moving forwards and growing. Who doesn’t want to move forwards in their life and grow?? Sounds silly that we’d resist this but we all do 🙂

So, I finally decided that getting uncomfortable was so worth the effort for me to start to feel energetic and comfortable in my body again. What made me give in? I decided that it was worth accepting my Self and loving myself for who I am and where I am in this very moment. Acceptance is a huge stepping stone from resistance to flow and this I know as it has been this way for me. Once I made the decision to accept myself in this moment, I began to unravel and really look at myself differently. I have reached out and asked for help and support as I begin to let go of old patterns and thoughts and welcome in the new.

I have been supporting my body with nourishing foods and moving my body gently as I transition ( sounds weird I know but I really feel as though I am transitioning into a new phase as I make these changes). Accept, accept, accept!

Have you been noticing your body trying to tell you that something needs to change?

Use this affirmation to help get you started:

I accept who I am and where I am in this moment now.

Begin to accept you for you and you will see that other things will start to change around you. Notice these changes and use them as encouragement to keep going.

Change doesn’t come easy as it often involves upheaval, turmoil, and pain. If we avoid it though, our body will keep trying to tell us, and the accumulation of time will only mean that it requires more effort to get back on track again.

How do you deal with change? Do you notice your body communicating with you? Tell me in the comments below,

Sam x


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I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

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