Do you crave connection?

I’ve been out walking today and something hit me…I have been craving female connections this year and I have found so many  beautiful new women that I have connected with in business but I have realised that I have been calling these women in while at the same time not really putting myself out there, as in I haven’t really been opening up and showing my Self and so I want to start sharing more of myself here and everywhere in the hope that I will attract even more beautiful female connections, and so we can open up and help each other grow.

Expansion has been a theme in my life this year as look back through the last few months.

I have been waiting…for what?? For fear to go away! But, it will not go away…it will always be there and so the way forward is to look fear in the eye and say “Ok, I know you’re there but I am going to try anyway”

I have always been a good listener and have been quite shy to share of myself.

I’m that person who would rather listen in a conversation than talk about me. But, I have realised that this is a little selfish in that I am hiding, while I am encouraging others to be open. I want to share more of me so that I can teach you what I have learnt over the years, an also so that I can learn from you. We have so much to give each other!
So, I am going to be sharing more of my day and thoughts on Instagram stories (you can find me @samanthajwheatley) in the hope than I can touch others and that we can connect through our shared stories.
I have an amazing opportunity in this life to expand my vibration and my presence to help others to do the same and the social medium and the inter webs provide such a wide scope to do this!!
Recently have decided to start sharing the beautiful essential oils that I have been using for the last year.

They have made an impact on me and I really want to share not only about the healing benefits of the oils but also the business opportunity too.

I will be sharing lots more here about how I use essential oils in my life to support my self-care, and also to support my family (of husband and 4 children)
I believe in doing meaningful work in order to help others and the work I have been doing all my life (in paid work and daily interactions with anyone I meet) has lead me to where I am now, and that is to share and teach and learn with you dear Lovely One.
I will be writing shorter posts too because I like to read shorter posts so I am presuming you do too.
Please let me know if you’d like something else.
I am including some information over the next few posts on essential oils that will show how you can purchase (if you’re someone who has been thinking of trying the oils, they are magical!)
Please leave a comment below if you’d like to learn more about how I use essential oils to support my self-care, or if you’d like to connect further on my favourite social media platform, Insta!
Sam x

About sam wheatley

I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

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