Essential Oils


I educate people about the value, benefits and incredible support that essential oils offer in our lives.
I have used essential oils all my life as my mum was an aromatherapist when I was a little girl. Oils were a big part of my life then. Their aromas always filled the house.
It wasn’t until recently that I was introduced to the incredible power of doTERRA essential oils and I have, of course, completely fallen in love with them.

Why Essential Oils?

The proteins and other components of plants are the same stuff that we humans are made of…So it makes complete and utter sense that if we are going to put anything on or in our bodies that we choose stuff that aligns with us…and essential oils do this perfectly!
They support our bodies, our emotions and our environment in so many ways!
We are putting products on and into our bodies all the time, so why not replace the toxins and chemicals with 100% natural plant extracts that do a better job?! That way, what we are absorbing into our body is of the highest value + good for us.
Why doTERRA?
Watch below to find out why…



doTERRA means ‘of the Earth’ and we are of the Earth.
This company that I am so proud to partner with is such a conscious one!
doTERRA has a philanthropic heart and gives so much to people in need.
They are the biggest essential oil company in the world and yet they work with farmers in developing countries to set up sustainable farming practices for their communities.
They grow their plants in over 40 different countries where they are either indigenous or where they thrive best.
They have the Healing Hands Foundation, which is a charity that works to provide running water, schools, homes and other basics for communities in need all over the world. The video below explains how our Wintergreen is sourced, and also how doTERRA donated nearly $700,000 through the Healing Hands Foundation to earthquake ravaged Nepal.



This is a company who will step in to provide aid to people and communities affected by natural disasters using the money donated by Wellness Advocates + Leaders like myself. They are AMAZING!!
Their products are 100% the best quality in the world!
Having them in your hands means you are not only giving yourself the most beautiful gift of health, but you are also contributing to helping people in need all over the world!!
I want everyone to have these incredible gifts of the earth in their home!!!
My mission is to continue to educate people on why these essential oils are an asset to any home and how they work in so many different ways to support us.
And on the way, my goal is to provide myself and my family with abundance, empowerment, health, choice and freedom.