7 steps to find your purpose amongst all the noise

7 steps to find your purpose amongst all the noise

Today I want to talk about finding your purpose. These 7 steps below will guide you towards cutting through the noise to create space & time for yourself & to find your purpose. There comes a point when we start to receive little signs from either our body or the universe that tell us that something needs to change. These 7 steps give you a framework from which you can start to initiate change in your life to find happiness, peace and most importantly, your purpose.

1.Come back to you.

What is it that you want? How do you want to live your life? How do you want to feel each day? These are really important questions that we don’t tend to ask ourselves very often. Why is that? I think it’s because, firstly we are all ‘busy’ but secondly and more importantly, we find it easier not to ask. It is hard to ask questions that may mean that we have to change our lives in some way. I am sure you will agree with me that it is much easier to leave things the way they are rather than upset the status quo.

That’s where these questions above come in very handy. Just the fact that you are reading this means you are ready for a change.

2. Slow down, stop & breathe.

This is a key ingredient for finding your purpose. When you slow down, stop and breathe you are allowing your body to rest and in doing so you will open yourself up to being able to hear and feel what it is telling you (your body that is). You can learn this through just feeling what you’re feeling.

3. Listen to your inner guidance system – it knows what you need.

Do you feel as though something is not quite right? Or do you feel that everyday is like ‘Groundhog Day’? Often we can receive signals from our inner wisdom but because we are caught up in the monotony of life, we can’t hear or feel these signals. When we are able to tune into our intuition, gut feelings, inner wisdom, inner guidance (there are many names) we are then able to get an idea of what it is we need to be doing to help ourselves. So, tune-in!

4. Take time for yourself.

This takes lots of courage! Finding your purpose is not something you can do when you are constantly rushing around from one thing to the next, tending to everyone else’s needs above your own, and giving support to everyone but yourself. If you want to find somewhere amongst all the noise to ask yourself questions about your purpose then you will need to take some time to do so. This is not easy as we are taught to serve others and leave ourselves till last all the time. I am telling you now that you need to serve yourself first.

5. Write.

Writing is a powerful tool to use when we want to make a change in our life. Start by making a list of all the things you love, desire & dream of. Let your imagination run wild and don’t stop to filter your thoughts or sensor them either. You are free to dream as big as you like.

Write a journal entry and tell your journal how you feel now & then how you want to feel everyday. Notice the difference, is it big or small? Are you close to living your purpose or do you have lots of ‘work’ to do to find it?

6. Change your perspective.

Speak as though you are on purpose, think as though you are &  act as though you are. When we see things differently, we experience them differently too.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray” Rumi

Notice how you feel about actions you take and interactions you have with others throughout your day. Can you feel a shifting towards finding your purpose? Are you starting to become aware of the importance of taking time out of the noise of life to listen to your body?

7. Create your new reality.

Start by creating a simple vision board like this one  and then build on it. As you begin to see yourself and your life differently you will be creating new ideas and new pathways towards your purpose. Having a visual reminder is a wonderfully motivating tool to keep you on track. Using images and words to embody the feeling you want to bring into your day-to-day life will be powerful for you. This creates a drip-feed situation where you are feeding your imagination with all this stimulating information & little by little your way of seeing things is transformed and so is your way of life.

Working through these steps will give you a framework for finding your purpose. Making the decision to & taking the time for yourself will be instrumental in finding your purpose.

Start today and find a little space and time amongst all the noise to connect and find your purpose. I hope you enjoyed these 7 steps. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you ready to find your purpose? Or have you got some more suggestions that we can all share for finding your purpose? Please tell us in the comments below. I always love hearing from you! ♡

About sam wheatley

I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

6 thoughts on “7 steps to find your purpose amongst all the noise

  1. Beautiful post Sam. I especially love the point on taking time for your self. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, I have found that focusing on filling myself up first I can ask myself the big questions and explore my purpose.

    1. Thank you for your kind words lovely Chloe. I completely agree with you, asking the big questions and exploring your purpose can only be done when we take the time to give to ourselves first.
      Sam x

  2. Live, love, laugh, and learn. My motto is ‘ I have no intention of growing old, but every intention of becoming happier’
    Thanks for sharing sam. Xx

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