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Hello world, this is me
Hello world, this is me

You have found me!!

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and I help women like you to speak up! I want to empower you to use that beautiful voice that has been silent for too long.

I coach women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

This site is for all of us who need to find a way to connect to our inner wisdom to find the peace and the strength needed to face everyday challenges and to speak up and follow our dreams and desires!

Here you will read about how I like to write as a tool to heal and connect within. You will read about how I have overcome struggles to get to a place where I have arrived at ME! And you may read a little about you too!

I will show you how you can use different tools to overcome the difficulties that you face as you navigate yourself through this wonderful life!


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14 thoughts on “Start here ♡

  1. Hi Sam I found you on my Facebook page today and feel a lot of empathy in your work. I believe there are many souls out there looking for simple practical answers to life’s daily challenge that your site provides.
    I look forward to reading more over the coming days.

    All the very best


  2. Hi Sam.
    I wanted to thank you for welcoming me into your home and presenting your workshop to me! I felt very brave in response to your encouragement. It took no time at all for me to take that step to open up and feel comfortable with others who also attended that same workshop, and I put that down to you as a person and the way you welcomed me into your home.

    It was a great, uplifting, and warm reality check with my unconscious feelings. You challenged me to grow through a journaling exercise, and I was very surprised to learn that I did, I could, and still am, learning and growing by simply following your inspirational words.

    Thank you for providing a trusting, caring and supportive environment. I have learn’t many things about myself. Things that were part of my internal dialogue, brought out in what I thought was going to be an exposing experience but ended up being a weight lifted from myself with a clarity I did not realise was possible.

    Thank you again Sam xxx I hope to attend more of your workshops! It was great meeting new people, having fun and learning new ways to grow and to be a more conscious and honest human being (with myself AND others!).

    Melissa xxx

    1. Melissa,
      Thank you for your heart felt comment. You are an inspiring person to be around and always a pleasure to converse with. I think if we can inspire and encourage each other, we can conquer anything! xxx

  3. Hi Sam, love the site. The idea of writing to heal is fantastic, writing down my personal thoughts helped me get through my darkest days in Afghanistan. Keep up the great work.

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