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This article is dedicated to Lauren, a beautiful & intelligent young woman who has encouraged me without even knowing it. Thank you Beautiful 💗

How do you know if you’re doing enough? Or if you’re not doing enough?

When can you tell? Are you racing around and filling your days with stuff so that you are so busy you have no time for yourself? Or do you spend lots of time alone in the quiet and feel as though you are not achieving ‘enough’?

How do we know?

In this article I am going to explain how I know if I am doing too much or too little and how you can learn to know too.

Have you noticed that when you are busy you are less in touch with how you feel? By that I mean less in touch with how your body feels. You are all up in your head and less down in your body.

What happens then is a disconnect between our mind/body connection. Why is this important? Because we are one unit & if some parts of us are not communicating with others parts then we are bound to be less effective as a whole. Think of a car…If its’ engine isn’t communicating with the spark plugs then it won’t be running very well (you get the drift…I am not a mechanic ;).

It’s the same with us! If our minds are not in sync with our bodies then we are not living to our full potential. I can say this because I have experienced it. When I am not connected to my body and I’m spending most of my time all up in my head I lose touch with my body and how it’s feeling and the result is that I feel as though I am missing something, that I am not whole…I start to feel lonely, and as though I am not living a purposeful life. This may sound a bit dramatic but this really is the result of not listening to my body and not coming back to my centre (and by my ‘centre’ I mean my being or my Self). When I am connected to my centre I am in touch with my inner wisdom (my intuition) and this is my guide, my inner compass. When I am not connected, I find that I am looking elsewhere for direction, to others, on social media, in books, podcasts etc…everywhere except the ultimate expert on all things related to me…ME! So, as a result of being aligned (another word for connected) I feel inner peace, my vibe is more positive and I attract people and situations to match my vibration (which is so satisfying!).

Have a think now about how you feel when you are stressed and craving time to just be alone…What could you change? How could you create some time for yourself?

Now think about how you feel when you are spending too much time thinking or dreaming or planning, but not in action…We often call this procrastination and this can come from a fear of failure, or harsh judgement from ourselves and others. Can you relate to not taking action because of fear?

What are the signals that you are not aligned? (as you pay more attention to noticing your feelings you will then be aware of the signals telling you to listen and feel into your inner wisdom).

Below I list the things that I notice for me:

  • irritability
  • feeling tired all the time
  • overwhelm
  • comparing myself to others more than usual
  • feeling lonely
  • feeling as though I am without a purpose
  • feeling not present in conversations with others

If I feel these things strongly I can now recognise that I need to pay more attention to aligning my body and mind, it’s that simple. Grab a pen and paper now and jot down some signals that you may be ignoring that could be trying to tell you to get more connected.

How can we create more connection in our days so that we are then feeling more balanced, satisfied and purposeful?

You can develop your own daily practices to connect back in with your true Self. The best place to start is with journaling, free writing. Start at the top of the page and write. Ask a question at the top of the page: “What do I need right now, for me?” and then free write without editing or thinking too much. I promise you that there will be wisdom in the words for you to learn from.

Below I list the practices that are dear to me, they are my soft warm blanket to cuddle up in when I need support and nurturing. It is through these practices that I access my inner wisdom and where I find inner peace. When I take the time to notice and practise I am guided to where I need to be.

  • Quiet time listening to my body ~ sometimes just sitting and practising being present (look up Eckhart Tolle’s work on the power of now and being present).
  • Journaling ~ writing to my inner wisdom is a wonderful way to ask questions and uncover what is bothering me and what I can do to help myself. Intuitive writing is an amazing tool to really sit with YOU and talk and listen. You will find you will get such insights and wisdom!
  • Meditation (guided/body scan/walking) ~ this brings me so much peace and allows me to find flow and ease throughout my day. When I am practising regularly I can feel it. When I forget to practise I start to notice the signs I mentioned above that tell me to get back into my practice.
  • Gardening ~ getting my hands dirty and getting lost in the fresh air, and the birds. This is wonderful as I am moving my body and resting my mind by being ‘in the now’ and being aware of my hands and the soil and plants rather than thinking and worrying about stuff (in other words, wasted energy:)

I hope you can find some help here amongst my musings. I love to share the ways in which I find peace within. I would also love to know what you do to connect your mind and body, share in the comments below. Do you have a different practice for alignment that you could share here so that we can all learn?

With love,

Sam x



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