Listen to your inner wisdom and fly!


After twenty years working as a registered nurse I decided that it was time for a career change and I took myself back to university to become a teacher. After several years of teaching, I decided that it was time to be brave and follow my heart. I left my teaching job with the blessing and support of my soul mate, and stepped into the big wide world of the unknown…

A few months later and I feel like I am flying!

Rewind back a month and you would have found me feeling my way in the dark and wondering if I had the strength, determination and resolve to go it alone and carve out a career which has no obvious path. I can honestly say that I was scared and unsure, lacking confidence in my dream and myself.

It was time. I knew this in my heart. I listened to my inner wisdom when it spoke to me. I noticed the signs and felt the stirring in my being. I spoke up to my soul mate and he listened. I made my inner wisdom’s voice a priority. I didn’t push these feelings and thoughts aside as I would have done in the past. I opened myself up to receiving these internal messages and trusted myself.

Trusting your intuition (or gut feelings as some might refer to it as) is not easy. We have so much internal dialogue going on, worries and anxieties, not to mention others’ opinions…But, trusting your inner voice, your inner wisdom, is integral and paramount to you leading a fulfilling life and, it is the key to you following your heart and dreams.

I cannot impress upon you just how vital this is to your overall happiness. Your inner wisdom is like your own internal compass and it tells you which way to go. You can’t ignore it. It will eventually find a way to make you listen.

As I sit here today in this café and write to you, I am watching the people go by. I can see so many unhappy people; it shows in their appearance. These people walking by are lacking in self-love, it is so apparent from their faces and bodies, I can feel their unhappiness as they pass by me. It is tangible. I want to grab each one and say, “Love yourself, listen to your heart, love your body! Your life will change dramatically once you do this”.

We become unhappy when we feel trapped, we think we don’t have a choice. We get stuck in the routine of our lives only to wake up one day and wonder how we got here, and how we can get out. But, we always have a choice. We are only trapped by our thoughts.

Think about this today as you imagine the life you desire and dream of. What choices could you make to change things? How could you use your inner wisdom to help you achieve your dreams?

I have spent a lifetime working on these questions, challenging and developing myself. Since making the choice to listen to my inner wisdom, I have found that I am so much more in tune with my body and my life. I have clarity, confidence and self-worth. I am practicing self-care with my daily ritual of self-preservation and I am slowing down, which in turn is giving me more time to write and follow my dreams!

I want this for you! I want to share my lessons and experiences with you in the hope that it will make your path easier.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts below 🙂

Before you go…

I have opened my creative space and I am running a workshop next Tuesday 25th November with two spots left. If you want to learn more about how to notice and listen to your inner wisdom this could be for you.





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6 thoughts on “Listen to your inner wisdom and fly!

  1. This came at the right time for me! Having just moved across the country, and fighting with myself over “what do I do now?”, I decided to go with a gut feeling to stop scrambling over a job and continue the path I began a year ago in art and meaningful work search, both of which are starting to collect valuable moss-gold. Wish I could attend your workshop next week – a wonderful time to everyone who’s there!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I’m so happy that you have been following your gut feeling. When we do this life just seems to flow so much easier than if we resist. I so wish you could fly over and come to my workshop! Thank you for your wise and beautiful words, Sam.

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