Take aways from 4 hours with Tony Robbins

Yesterday I was blessed to see Tony Robbins live at an event in Sydney called the National Achievers Congress

To say that I was blown away is a massive under statement!!! I can say that I have never been in the presence of such a magnetic human and that Tony has literally moved me to spend this whole morning writing about him, writing to him and writing to myself to list the reasons why I am choosing to no longer suffer and to heal instead. (And this can be done in a heartbeat!)

I want to share with you the key take-aways for me and how Tony Robbins’ wisdom has already profoundly affected my life (in less than 12 hours).

I hadn’t seen Tony live before, let alone read or heard any of his teachings so I really had no expectations. Before Tony came out to speak, someone in the seat next to me told me that he had seen him before. When I asked him what Tony was like he just smiled broadly and slowly shook his head…So, I thought then that words might not do him justice he was THAT good, or that the man thought he was so bad than he couldn’t say it out loud??

BUT, to my pleasant surprise, Tony was bigger, better and more energetic than I could ever have imagined, even in my wildest dreams!!!

‘What was so good about him?’ I hear you think.

Well, he came out on stage shouting and clapping with music blaring…he received a standing ovation straight away and his presence filled the room. It was 3:30pm and the 1000 people in the room had been listening to speakers all day, and all day the previous day too. We were feeling a little lacking in energy, but he injected his energy into the room and he Lit. Us. Up. He spoke  to us for 4 hours!!!!! (he also danced, sang, shouted and clapped a lot too) He was with us for 2 hours more than the scheduled time slot!!! He gave so much!!!

To be honest, I felt quite uncomfortable at first as I am not one for getting up and jumping around and ya-hooing. I knew though, that if I was going to get the most out of my time with Tony that I would have to put aside my inhibitions and my shyness and my judgements (about myself and others) and just let go, and join in.

Make a decision to change your state

I decided in those first few moments that I would raise my energy to be vibrating at a level that would allow me to be open to what was about to unfold. I did not want to waste a minute. Regret was not something I wanted to feel! I wanted to be able to say to myself that I had given everything to the experience so that I would come away with new learnings that I could apply to my life straight away…And I did just that.

Tony had us up dancing, singing, clapping, hugging each other and even massaging complete strangers!!! To say I was out of my comfort zone is a massive understatement but, I loved every second of it!!

Key take aways

Tony talked about a few key things that I want to share with you today because I know that what he said can be applied to all of us, in any area of our lives. I’ve listed them below:

  • Change can happen in a heart beat. How? Ask a question, choose what to focus on to produce a feeling (your state).
  • Move your body and use your voice. We are habitual in our movements and the way we use our bodies, this is linked to our emotional habits. Moving your body changes your energy and state. Your voice/sound can be used to align you with your unconscious mind
  • Change your patterns, change your life
  • Your beliefs are what you ‘know’ for certain. Change your beliefs
  • Your biggest block is believing your stressful thoughts
  • Making everybody else happy except yourself is the ultimate failure ( a lot of us women & mothers can relate to this:).
  • To be fulfilled in life you must grow, progress = happiness; always give to others
  • Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life will change in an instant
  • Growing and giving = long term happiness
  • Put a line in the sand and make a decision not to suffer.  Write a letter to yourself saying why you will no longer suffer. Then give it to 2 people so that they can remind you and keep you accountable.

I did the last dot point this morning while my mind was still fresh with all the excitement and ideas from yesterday. Tony talks about never letting an opportunity slip through your fingers. He says to do the thing you really want to do while you’re in a peak state. This will ensure you keep making progress, otherwise  you won’t make it happen. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity for growth for myself and also to share it with you!

Have you seen Tony before live? Or do you know of his teachings? Can you share something in the comments below that might help others? I’d love to start a conversation about all things Tony Robbins.

Sam x





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I am an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. I help them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.

2 thoughts on “Take aways from 4 hours with Tony Robbins

  1. I LOVE Tony Robbins Sam! You can see more of him on Netflix … a doco has been made about him called “I am not your Guru”. It is amazing. It’s amazing I am reading this post of yours as I have just this afternoon let go of something I have been suffering about for a few years. I just let it go. I’m going to write the letter to myself NOW and give it to 2 people. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Hi Angela, I love him too! Thank you for your beautiful comment. I have actually set aside time this evening to sit down with my family and watch ‘I am not your guru’ so thank you for that suggestion! I have been so touched by the experience of seeing Tony that I want my husband and kids to see what he’s all about.
      I love that you have let your suffering go!! It really can be that easy, we make it hard for ourselves by hanging on to things we no longer need. I’m sending you so much love!! And yes, write the letter! I found that it felt so good to give it to 2 people, to know that they are able to help me and encourage me feels really supportive.
      I just had a look at your site and I love that you help women. You are doing such valuable work!
      Love Sam x

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